GM Recalls Chevy Bolt Again Over Fire Risk, Admits Defects

After odd reports that GM asked Chevy Bolt electric vehicle (EV) owners to park outside over fire concerns came out last week, the vehicle company has apparently gotten to the root of the issue.

Following ongoing issues with battery fires, GM has issued a recall on 2017-2019 year Chevy Bolt models, going on to claim that it has discovered two separate manufacturing defects, according to The Verge.

The news also comes following a supposed software fix to the fire issues, deployed in May to “detect potential issues related to changes in battery module performance before problems can develop.”

Without sharing what the defects were, the company is still preparing the recall, with a few extra suggestions to help keep owners safe.

In addition to asking Chevy Bolt owners to park outside, GM said users should also avoid charging the vehicle to over 90 percent, or letting it drop below 70 miles.

The battery cells, which came from LG Chem, the company which also supplies the Kona EV – another EV that was recalled multiple times, before Hyundai decided to end domestic sales of the vehicle over fire risks.

Earlier this year, GM also announced plans to build an electric Chevy Silverado with 400 miles of range, which is set to be designed on the company’s Ultium EV platform.