GM Asks Chevy Bolt EV Owners to Park Outside Over Fire Concerns

After reports of beating out Tesla’s cars for best electric vehicle (EV) for 2021, one automaker has announced a fix for a 2020 recall of one of its vehicles, affecting nearly 69,000 units.

On Thursday, General Motors (GM) announced an update to its 2020 recall of 69,000 Chevy Bolt EVs, asking customers to park vehicles outside immediately after charging and to avoid overnight charging, according to a press release from the company.

The recall, affecting 2017-2019 Chevy Bolts, requires users to bring their Bolt units to a nearby GM dealer to have a diagnostic software update applied which will identify battery anomalies, in addition to service staff replacing any necessary battery module assemblies.

The news comes after the initial release of the recall of over 69,000 Chevy Bolt EVs due to fire risks, which were originally announced in November 2020.

In the press release, the company said, “At GM, safety is our highest priority, and we are moving as quickly as we can to investigate this issue.”

According to the release, GM will start to roll these updates out to Bolt customers in the coming months, while the fix has been able to be performed after April 29 for 2019 Bolt EV users, with 2017 and 2018 Bolt drivers having been able to get the fix since May 26.

In addition, GM says that 2022 Bolt units will come with the diagnostic software as a standard, along with all future GM EVs.