General Motors Unveils Ultium EV Drivetrain and Motor Family

With many automakers simply trying to catch up to the rest of the electric vehicle (EV) market, we’ll start to see a lot of changes within the auto industry over the next decade.

According to Reuters, General Motors (GM) is now planning to produce a completely interchangeable line of EV drive systems and motors, called the “Ultium” series. The increased EV manufacturing efficiency from the new set of designs is expected to help the company make the change to all EVs over the next several years.

Adam Kwiatowski, executive chief engineer for global electrical propulsion at GM, told Reuters, “[GM] designed these drive units simultaneously with a full gambit of electric vehicles that fill out our portfolio.” He continued, “They become synergistic and make them a really efficient package that’s good for the performance of the vehicle, good for driving customer enthusiasm, and most importantly it’s good for cost efficiency.”

In spite of GM’s recent stake buyout of Nikola Motors and the recent scandal unfolding around Hindenburg Research, the motor company still plans to build what it calls a “family” of drivetrains and motor components.

Thus far, the announcement has largely been positive for the classic American motor company. At the time of writing, the company’s stock is worth $31.97, up 1.23% from yesterday, before the news broke.