Tesla Model S Plaid vs Model S Raven Weight Compared [VIDEO]



The Tesla Model S Plaid was released last month at a Plaid delivery event, and since the vehicle’s release, it’s been compared on a number of different factors, most recently considering the weight and overall size.

In a video shared Wednesday by DragTimes, the hosts compared weights and sizes of the Tesla Model S Plaid to the Tesla Model S Performance Raven, between the sizes of the actual vehicles, the frunks, and the overall weight of each car.

After documenting each vehicle’s weight and overall size, the hosts take the two vehicles out for a race – in which the Plaid dominates the older Model S, which was refreshed earlier this year.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is quite a bit lighter than the refreshed model of the vehicle, despite the refreshed model being physically wider than the Plaid model. Maybe it’s because the steering wheel has been cut in half (jokes!)?

The Model S Raven weighs 4,996 pounds (2,266 kg), while the Model S Plaid weighs 4,833 pounds (2,192 kg), a 163 pound (74 kg) difference. This is despite the Model S Plaid having heavier wheels and tires. It’s unclear what efficiencies Tesla used to make the refresh lighter, aside from a slightly smaller battery pack.

After taking a test drive in the Model S Plaid, one of the hosts says that “it’s not even close,” in terms of the Plaid’s sheer speed compared to the refreshed Model S.

You can watch the full DragTimes breakdown of the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Model S refresh below. “The difference in speed is phenomenal”, says DragTimes, speaking about the Model S Plaid.


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