SpaceX Starlink Providing Internet for Flooded Parts of Germany

After announcements that Elon Musk’s electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla is providing free Supercharging for European residents affected by the recent floods, the entrepreneur’s space travel company, SpaceX, has announced another initiative for those affected using its Starlink satellite internet.

SpaceX is offering free Starlink internet dishes and services to those affected by flooding throughout Europe, according to the Rhineland-Palatinate (via Tesla Adri).

While the company has already begun establishing 12 Starlink dishes, it also has plans to install 35 more to help offer connectivity to affected residents.

The 12 current areas with SpaceX Starlink satellite dishes are below:

  • Liers
  • Ahrbrück
  • Bridge
  • Pützfeld
  • Kreuzberg
  • Right North
  • Right South
  • Dernau
  • Marienthal
  • Heimersheim
  • Heppingen

Last month, Germany announced plans to subsidize Starlink hardware for rural residents, in an attempt to increase connectivity for remote residents. Starlink’s service only launched in Germany in April, and is also expected to expand into Spain later this year.

Also according to Tesla Adri, automakers are offering a lending hand to the victims of the flooding too, with Opel offer loaner cars to affected customers for up to three weeks for free, Ford offering pickup trucks and vans to the Red Cross, and Volkswagen donating 1 million euros to the cause.