Tesla Model S ‘Auto Shift’ Feature Coming to ‘All Cars’ with Full Self-Driving: Musk



Tesla’s Model S comes with a feature called Auto Shift out of Park, which has the vehicle automatically select the car’s gear without driver input.

This feature is currently in beta and disabled by default on Tesla’s Model S refresh lineup. Here’s how Tesla describes the feature in the 2021 Model S owner’s manual:

If Auto Shift out of Park is enabled, Model S automatically selects the gear based on inputs from various sensors. To drive Model S, pressing the brake pedal shifts the vehicle into the selected gear displayed on the instrument panel (provided the driver’s door is closed and the driver’s seat belt is buckled), and pressing the accelerator moves the vehicle in the direction of the selected gear.

What about Auto Shift out of Park making its way to the Model 3 and Model Y? According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this will soon be a reality for owners of vehicles with Full Self-Driving purchased those with FSD subscriptions.

On Sunday, Musk said on Twitter, “You don’t even need to touch the shifter in new S. Auto detect direction will come as an optional setting to all cars with FSD.”

Tesla’s Model S refresh does not have any stalks, as gear shift controls are on the touchscreen and the center console. It remains to be seen how Tesla will integrate Auto Shift out of Park on the Model 3 and Model Y, but likely it will follow what we’re seeing now on the Model S.


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