Tesla 2021.12.25.5 Software Update Release Notes



Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.12.25.5 software update, first made available on early Saturday morning.

According to @TeslaFi, the update was detected on a Model 3 Performance in the Netherlands, as just one vehicle from the analytics service’s fleet of customers. That Tesla owner was previously on 2021.12.25.

Tesla’s 2021.12.25 software update, which was released on July 9, added Sky Force Reloaded to Tesla Arcade, plus added new language support for Finnish and Croatian.

So far, no release notes for 2021.12.25.5 have been seen yet, but stay tuned for details, as we’ll update this story accordingly. It’ll be interesting to see if there are changes beyond the typical bug fixes, performance improvements and other miscellaneous improvements.

If you have this update on your Tesla, feel free to send us the release notes to [email protected]

Update July 19, 2021: Here are screenshots of Tesla’s 2021.12.2.5 release notes, from Tesla North reader Stephan in Switzerland and his Model X. What’s new? Well the release notes (in German below) again mention Sky Force Reloaded, additional language support and also Powerwall improvements.


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