Tesla Offers Model S Retrofits as AT&T 3G Network Shutdown Looms

With the onslaught of 5G and most users having access to 4G LTE, one company has decided to end its 3G network, which may affect some Tesla owners’ abilities to connect to the internet from their car.

As a result of AT&T shutting down its 3G network by February 2022, Tesla Model S units without an LTE modem will automatically lose connectivity and will be forced to use WiFi – unless they elect to upgrade using a $200 retrofit, according to @SawyerMerritt.

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Despite the change, Model S units that have already received an MCU2 upgrade already have LTE chips, and those that are affected only include Model S units from before June 2015.

Many early Model S users have likely already upgraded to the MCU2 chip, which includes LTE access, through either a free warranty upgrade upon the MCU1 chip breaking, or through a later paid upgrade which improves the vehicle’s connectivity, access to future games, and general speed and responsiveness.

When questioned about how long Tesla’s contract with AT&T is expected to last and if the company would consider a switch to T-Mobile, Merritt responded that he was unsure of if the company had plans to stick with AT&T or to switch down the road.