New Hampshire Police Department Gifted 2021 Tesla Model Y

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The Wolfeboro Police Department in New Hampshire has received a free 2021 Tesla Model Y, donated by a family that wished to remain anonymous, reports WMUR.

“We’ve been tracking the data coming back from those deployments so we can see if this is something that will be beneficial to Wolfeboro,” said Police Commissioner Steve Wood. “Certainly right now, it’s proving to be a very capable vehicle.”

Captain Mark Livie was assigned the Model Y police cruiser and said there was a “bit of a learning curve” at first due to all the touchscreen controls, but overall finds many advantages of the Tesla, in particular being so silent for showing up to calls.

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Police Chief Dean Rondeau added the Model Y is “very versatile” with lots of room. “Obviously, we’re looking forward to the great savings in petroleum products and repair parts that we expect to see, but the jury is still out,” said Rondeau.

The police department says it expects the Model Y to be part of the fleet for at least a decade.

Back in May, we reported how the Village of Gates Mills in Northeast Ohio also received a donated Tesla, in the form of a 2019 Model S for the police department.

We’ve seen numerous police departments opt for a Tesla, which usually results in gas and maintenance savings, as the slow switch to electric reduces reliance on fossil fuels.