Watch Tesla FSD Beta v9.0 vs Unprotected Left Turns [VIDEO]



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Tesla Full Self-Driving beta tester, Chuck Cook, has released a video putting the new FSD beta v9.0 against his test of taking on unprotected left turns.

The Tesla has to tackle a six-lane road with a median and the car also needs to inch out to see oncoming traffic. It’s the same test Cook has been testing for a while now. Cook narrates the experience and says FSD beta 9.0 is not ready, citing how the latest FSD beta release hasn’t changed compared to before, after experiencing some early fails.

Check out the video below and see how FSD beta v9.0 handles this unprotected left turn:

FSD beta v9.0 uses Tesla Pure Vision, which relies only on cameras and no longer radar. Also new are improved visualizations onscreen. The new beta was released after midnight on Friday, as promised by CEO Elon Musk.

If you check out 23:30, FSD beta v9.0 puts on the right turn signal right when Cook would have wanted it to, which was pretty neat.


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