Bugatti to Merge with EV Hypercar Startup Rimac

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is now considered the quickest production car with its outrageously-fast 0 to 60 mph time, but one competitor which boasts a faster electric vehicle (EV) at a 1/4 mile has just merged with a major luxury sports car company.

Croatian EV startup Rimac has officially merged with Bugatti to form Bugatti-Rimac, according to Car and Driver. The Nevera EV Hypercar creator will still badge its Rimac brand separately from Bugatti, though future Bugattis will share the high-performance drivetrain.

CEO of Rimac Mate Rimac said, “We have gone through so much in such a short space of time.” Rimac continued, “But this new venture takes things to a completely new level.”

Rimac Automobili will now be called Rimac Group, holding the majority share in the Bugatti-Rimac subsidiary.

As Rimac takes over Bugatti, the Hypercar company will receive a 55 percent stake in the Bugatti-Rimac company, while Porsche will take a 45 percent stake in Bugatt-Rimac on behalf of parent company Volkswagen. In addition, Porsche will retain its already 24 percent share in Rimac Automobili, which was largely acquired over the last three years.

The Rimac Nevera posted a stunning 8.6-second 1/4 mile time, and although it is expected to cost consumers $2.4 million USD, Tesla’s Model S Plaid has posted a 9.247-second 1/4 mile time at a starting cost of just $118,490 USD.

The partnership means a future Bugatti EV is on the horizon, so stay tuned to see what both companies will come up with.