Florida City Police Department Adds Electric Motorcycles to Fleet

Photo: 10 Tampa Bay

As the world moves towards renewable and zero-emission solutions, one Florida city is adding two electric police motorcycles to its fleet.

Florida’s Largo Police Department added two new Zero electric motorcycles to its fleet, as the city considers wider transitions to renewable energy sources, according to Yahoo Finance. The city plans to build out an electric, light-duty vehicle fleet by 2030 as part of the city’s Largo Environmental Action Plan.

In addition, the city of Largo hopes to convert to 100 percent renewable energy for use by the municipal government by 2035, following suit as a greater community by 2050. Laura Thomas, the city of Largo’s sustainability program administrator, said the move to electrification will help the community’s most vulnerable.

Thomas said, “And by transitioning our fleet to electric, we’re improving the air quality and public health of our residents and workers.” She continued, “which is particularly important for our most vulnerable community members.”

The cruisers are also in part thanks to Duke Energy, a company with a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 which offered up a grant to help fund the new zero-emissions motorcycle.

A number of city governments across North America are moving to electric service vehicles, including this recent electric fire truck in Madison, Wisconsin.