Tesla Says Cancelled Model S Plaid+ Orders Won’t Need to Pay Model S Plaid Price Increase

On Tesla’s Battery Day last year, the company introduced the Model S Plaid, which become known as the Plaid+ version, due to its 520+ mile range.

But after Tesla cancelled the Plaid+ version just before the first deliveries of its Model S refresh, early customers who pre-ordered Plaid+ were told they would need to order the regular Model S Plaid, and its recent $10,000 USD price increase to $129,990 USD.

That hardly seems fair, said Michael Hsu, the founder of Tesla Owners Taiwan, calling the move “not okay!”.

After Tesmanian (use TESLANORTH10 for 10% off) co-founder Vincent suggested to Elon Musk Tesla should honour the older pricing for cancelled Plaid+ orders, the CEO agreed, by replying, “fair enough” on Thursday morning.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid starts at $129,990 USD, and saw a $10,000 USD price hike the day before its Model S Plaid delivery event.

Moreover, some Plaid+ customers who saw their orders canceled, also noted Tesla would honour the $8,000 Full Self-Driving price, 72 hours from delivery.