Tesla Model S Plaid an ‘Impressive Feat’ Says Oppenheimer Analyst

Following the official release of Tesla’s Model S Plaid, Tesla fans are touting the vehicle’s capabilities, and some analysts are also emphasizing the accomplishment made by Tesla in bringing this electric vehicle (EV) to widescale production.

According to Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch, the Tesla Model S Plaid is an “impressive feat,” adding that the vehicle is a strong part of Tesla’s portfolio as a manufacturer, as reported by Yahoo Finance. The performance EV’s innovations to the Plaid version of the Model S are significant, including a number of important improvements, according to Rusch.

Rusch said, “They’re trying to do a couple of things with this.” Rusch continued, “One, update the Model S, but also really innovate on the technology side. We saw a couple of things with the RPMs on the motor running at blazing speed, and in the lightweight.”

The Model S Plaid can reportedly go from 0 to 60 in less than two seconds, with a top speed of about 200 mph for $129,900 USD. Tesla’s Model S Plaid also features a whopping 1,020 horsepower, three motors, and a range of approximately 390 miles.

On top of offering crazy fast and powerful driving performance, Rusch also emphasized small steps towards an autonomous future as one of Tesla’s primary accomplishments with the Model S Plaid.

Rusch also went on to say that Tesla is “demonstrating a clear technology lead” against other car manufacturers, and as the Model S Plaid gets more miles on the road, the future of Tesla’s autonomous driving system gains more and more data, effectively improving itself over time.