Ford Hits Milestone: Electric Mustang Production Surpasses Gas Version

Mustang Mach-E, courtesy of Ford

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity, U.S. legacy automaker Ford has surpassed an exciting milestone on its way to electrification.

Ford has produced more models of the electric Mustang Mach-E than it has gas versions so far this year, as reported by Automotive News.

The company has built 27,816 Mach-E units at a production facility in Mexico this year, while the company has only produced 26,089 gas Mustang units out of its Michigan facility, according to production data released by Ford on Thursday.

Last week, Ford CEO Jim Farley said that the company expects four out of every ten models sold to be electric by 2030, as well as a 36 percent boost to investment into battery-powered vehicles, totaling to $30 billion.

At the F-150 Lightning’s opening May 19, Farley said, “Mach-E has been much stronger than we expected, so we’ve totally run out of stock.” Farley continued, “Mach-E is going global as we speak, but in the U.S. [the wait for a Mach-E] is months.”

May sales of the Ford Mustang Mach-E dipped due to the ongoing chip shortage, and while Ford talks about going global with the Mach-E, Tesla is so far the only U.S. EV company with a wide reach across the world – having led worldwide EV sales in the first quarter of 2021.