Canoo Launches Pre-Orders for Electric ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’, Priced from $34,750



After unveiling its unique and stylish rounded-front electric pickup truck, Canoo has held to its word by offering the lifestyle vehicle at a consumer-friendly price, starting only with a $100 deposit from preorder customers.

On Monday, Canoo announced in a press release that it would open preorders for its Lifestyle Vehicle for just a $100 deposit, with total starting prices between $34,750 and $49,950 (USD) before incentives. Scaled deliveries and production of both the Pickup Truck and the MPDV are expected to start as soon as 2023, offering Delivery, Base, and Premium models.

Canoo CEO and Executive Chairman Tony Aquila said in a statement, “It’s no longer a question of whether America will go EV – but when.” Aquila continued, “Our line-up is future-forward and succeeds where others have struggled: Giving people the EV that works smarter for them at a price that can work for their budgets. That’s why we are designing for flexible use cases and focused on productivity solutions.”

The company’s self-proclaimed Lifestyle Vehicle is a commercial van offered specifically for small businesses, fleets, and “last-mile delivery” companies.

Earlier this year, reports held that Apple, which has been testing and developing its own autonomous electric car, was in talks with Canoo about the potential to partner on future electric vehicles.

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