Canoo Unveils Rounded-Front Electric Pickup Truck



According to a press release Wednesday, electric vehicle (EV) startup Canoo Inc. will open preorders for production versions of the pickup truck in Q2 2021, with deliveries set for 2023. The vehicle premiered Wednesday at the Motor Press Guild’s Virtual Media Day (VMD), in partnership with Automobility LA.

The electric pickup truck’s design features a unique, rounded front, along with a semi-customizable, modular truckbed, a camper shell, and a neat cargo roof rack, among other exciting features.

Tony Aquila, Canoo Executive Chairman, said, “We are so passionate about building vehicles that can change people’s lives. Our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive.” Aquila continued, “This truck works for you. We made accessories for people who use trucks – on the job, weekends, adventure. You name it, we did it because it’s your platform and she’s bad to the bone.”

Fellow EV startup Rivian has also started its consumer EV line with the R1T, another pickup truck, with deliveries expected to begin as soon as November 2021.

Los Angeles- based Canoo has also released designs for its self-titled Canoo “lifestyle vehicle,” as well as the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV), but has two silhouetted vehicle designs listed alongside them on the company website: one which appears to be the aforementioned pickup truck, and another that resembles a sedan, and both of which appear beneath the words “Coming Soon.”

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