Tesla Cybertruck on Display in NYC Until Sunday, Confirms Elon Musk

Cybertruck nyc

Image via @Stevenbrnnn

Tesla has its Cybertruck on display in New York City, and will allow people to visit the futuristic truck at the Meatpacking District, located at 860 Washington Street.

The appearance of the company’s Cybertruck comes on the eve of CEO Elon Musk’s hosting of Saturday Night Live, set for tomorrow.

Musk confirmed the Cybertruck will remain in New York City until Sunday. You can see some more images below shared by @stevenbrnnn:

Here’s a clip of the Cybertruck leaving the showroom, as per @OwenSparks_:

When Sparks asked Musk how long Cybertruck would be in NYC for, Musk said “until Sunday”.

Some more clips of Cybertruck below:

Cybertruck in Times Square just looks badass:

For those looking to check out Tesla’s Cybertruck tomorrow, you’ll need to prepare to get there early, as fencing is being put up, in what is expected to be long line ups to check out the electric pickup.