Electric Mercedes-Benz EQS Gets Full Walkthrough [VIDEO]



In a video Tuesday from Canadian YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, we get a detailed inside look at the new Mercedes-Benz EQS electric sedan, a zero-emission luxury vehicle that was unveiled by the company last month.

The first of Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicles (EVs), this EV is certainly one of luxury, right down to the augmented intelligence front windshield dashboard display.

The host of the video explained that the interior of the vehicle feels more like technology than it does like a car.

In the video, the host says, “Yes it’s a car, right? But this merging of technology and automotive, it’s apparent in here.” The host continued, “It really feels more like you’re stepping into a piece of tech than a traditional vehicle, and obviously the displays are going to be a very big part of that.”

Mercedes-Benz announced its customizable MBUX Hyperscreen feature in January which gives the user huge, dashboard-wide display capabilities, in three separate display sections.

The EQS also features an impressive amount of trunk space, a beautiful, clean glass top, a very wide and convenient center console, and a fully digital Hyperscreen interface that puts the user in control of their driving experience.

While Mercedes-Benz has yet to release its price for the EQS, it’s expected to debut at a starting price between $96,000-$100,000 (USD), and will go on sale this summer with deliveries set to begin in 2022.

Watch the full video breaking down the Mercedes-Benz EQS below.

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