Tesla Model 3/Y Pedestrian Speaker Retrofit Now Available, Report Says



According to Tesla Owners Online, Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company is now offering pedestrian speaker retrofits for select Model 3 sedans and Model Y compact crossover SUVs.

“Pedestrian warning system speaker retrofits available for certain Model 3s made after July 5 2019 through September 9, 2020. Model Y before August 14, 2020,” reported the site on Friday.

The speaker means Tesla vehicles will emit a noise when in reverse, allowing pedestrians to be notified of the otherwise silent electric vehicle that it is backing up.

The cost is $200 USD according to Tesla Owners Online, noting the install is available at a Tesla service center or through the latter’s mobile service, and your existing wireless harness needs to be available.

“Refer to Tesla SI-21-90-001 when you make an appointment to have it installed for reference,” said the site, noting the retrofit will allow Model 3 and Model Y owners to use the Boombox feature that debuted in version 10 of Tesla’s software.


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