Tesla Model S Refresh Spotted Driving in Canada, Shows Video

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Tesla appears to be road testing its Model S refresh in Canada, shows a new video.

A 42-second clip shared by @mrgreyev shows a Model S refresh, driving on the highway in Toronto, Ontario.

“2021 Model S Refresh spotted by @santoscollect on Highway 400 in Toronto today! Tesla employee doing testing,” said @mrgreyev.

The video shows the Model S refresh drive by, then the video catches up for a closer look at the updated electric sedan, set to deliver soon.

It’s not uncommon for Tesla to test its upcoming vehicles in Canada. Ahead of the Model Y launch last year, a Model Y was spotted in the streets of Toronto as well.

As ahead of any new Tesla launch, it’s exciting and exhilarating to see an upcoming vehicle being road-tested in your city.

The Tesla Model S refresh starts at $114,990 CAD ($91,676 USD) in Canada, with estimated delivery showing 10-14 weeks.