Tesla Supercharger in Coquitlam, B.C., Looks Ready to Open Soon



Tesla supercharger coquitlam

Image credit: @tommyf902

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network, and another new charger in British Columbia, Canada’s Lower Mainland looks ready to open soon.

The Coquitlam Tesla Supercharger located outside the Fatburger restaurant at 1090 Lougheed Highway, looks almost ready to open.

A picture shared by @tommyf902 on Friday evening shows the Supercharger stalls up, but the 12-stall V3 location still fenced off.

“Thought I’ll drive up to check these out. I’m excited for these! Looks like they are finished. Just waiting for @Tesla to flip the switch!”, said Tommy F.

Construction on the Tesla Supercharger in Coquitlam started in late March and based on images of the construction process so far, this location has progressed quite quickly.

Another Tesla Supercharger in the Metro Vancouver area, specifically in North Vancouver, also looks ready to open at any minute, as the latest update shows fencing has been removed from the location.

Tesla’s website indicates the Coquitlam Supercharger is targeting a Q2 2021 opening.


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