Tesla Model S Plaid with Yoke Steering Wheel Gets Video Walk Around

Model s refresh yoke

We continue to see more images of Tesla’s Model S refresh spotted in the wild, this time in Golden Gate Park in California, while the Model S Plaid gets a video walk around somewhere in San Francisco as well.

Images were shared on Reddit this Sunday, showing a black Model S refresh with yoke steering wheel and white (or cream) interior.

Model s refresh yoke 2

The pictures taken by u/Ramsey_The_Raw show the side of the Model S and stock wheels:

Model s refresh yoke 3

We also get a glimpse of the back, which doesn’t change much from the original Model S:

Model s refresh yoke 4

This vehicle appears to be a test Model S refresh, as there are missing pieces from the side door trim and under the dash.

Meanwhile, YouTube user ShiPraSa shared a walk around video of a Model S Plaid in blue (via InsideEVs), also a test car with missing trim under the dash and front doors, in what is one of our best looks at the new vehicle to date:

YouTube video

Tesla has yet to start delivering its Model S refresh, but it appears they will start coming soon, most likely timed with the software release of version 11.