Tesla 2021.4.12.2 Software Update Rolling Out: What’s New



Tesla has started rolling out yet another software update, as version 2021.4.12.2 has been released on Sunday morning, according to @Teslascope, spotted on a Model Y in the United States.

The release comes three days after 2021.4.12.6 was released, and Tesla owners are reporting the same release notes as the latter.

What’s new in this update? Owners who installed it note it includes “minor cold weather improvements and bug fixes.”

“Additional enhancements have been made to improve the overall experience of your Tesla vehicle in cold weather,” explains the 2021.4.12.2 release notes.

Now, your head may be dizzy with all these recent Tesla software updates, especially with this release showing the version number going down, instead of up.

Many Tesla owners are eagerly awaiting version 11, or a new update that will bring some more significant changes, as seen in recent images of the supposed update, seen within a Tesla Model S refresh.


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