Toyota Teases ‘X Prologue’ Electric Vehicle, Ahead of March 17 Unveil

Earlier this year, Toyota claimed it would be announcing two new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) this year, and a new teaser image has the internet wondering if the first one will come within the week.

On Thursday, Toyota released a single image teasing an upcoming X Prologue announcement, reports Autocar. The image shows a silhouetted shot of the front corner of a car, with a stylish front headlight, Toyota logo, and featuring a short bonnet and closed-off front fascia.

The X Prologue, as the image includes in text, is set for a wider announcement next Wednesday, March 17. The image also included the text, “a small” preview of what’s next,’ which may be hinting at a new compact model or even a potential successor to the company’s previous compact Aygo model.

Thursday, Toyota head Akia Toyoda warned Apple of a “decades-long commitment” it was embarking on by entering the auto market. Despite the comments, Apple is expected to develop and produce an autonomous electric car within the next decade or so.

In December, Toyoda also criticized governments for creating gas car sales bans, saying that EVs were “overhyped,” and that the legislation would make the “current business model of the car industry collapse.”