New Tesla Charging Status: ‘Enough Charge to Continue Trip’

Enough charge to continue trip

If you recently installed Tesla’s 2021.4.11 update or the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta v8.2 2021.4.11.1, there appears to be a new charging status.

According to FSD beta tester, @brandonee916, based in Sacramento, California, he shares on Sunday evening a new charging status inside his Model 3, that reads, “Enough charge to continue trip.”

Brandon experienced this screen while Supercharging on Sunday night.

““Enough charge to continue trip” is definitely new wording with the latest software update. Not sure if this is part of the 4.11 or #fsdbeta branch,” said Brandon.

Others replied to Brandon to note they have not seen that before, while others noted they were similarly seeing the new charging status message.

The status shows up in big bold letters, indicating to owners it’s now time to leave the Supercharger as you’ll have enough battery to continue to your final destination, freeing up the spot for others.