Tesla Model Y 7-Seater Delivered in Florida, Says Owner



Photo: Reddit user u/TeslaNoMoGas

The Tesla Model Y Long Range 7-seater has been long-coveted by users since its announcement last year, and now, one user has confirmed that the SUV crossover is beginning to deliver.

Sunday, a post to Reddit confirmed that one user had already received their Tesla Model Y Long Range 7-seater in south Florida, just a month and a half after ordering. The post, which was shared by Reddit user u/TeslaNoMoGas to the Tesla Motors subreddit, included two pictures of the Model Y LR 7-seater – one with it parked neatly in the owner’s garage, and the other depicting it parked in the driveway.

We don’t have any pictures of the third row from the Model Y, aside from the owner’s word.

Photo: Reddit user u/TeslaNoMoGas

When asked about their experience sitting in the third row, the user shared that they haven’t yet sat in the third row but their son has.

In a comment response, the user wrote, “I’m 6 ft and haven’t even attempted it but my son who is 5’7 said it was ok but he rather sit in the second row lol.”

While the third row in the Model Y 7-seater may not offer the utmost comfort, it’s nice to have the option to transport an extra row of people, even if only on occasion.

“Well we picked up our 7 seater today 2/28, vin 112xxx, build date 2/12. New console, didn’t get the new headlights,” said the new Model Y owner.

Regardless, the new Tesla Model Y Long Range 7-seater is out for delivery now, and while it’s not clear what regions will be hit next, it sounds like Florida’s future Model Y owners are on deck.


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