Mini Chinese EV Tops Tesla for Worldwide Sales in January



The Wuling HongGuang Mini EV has been performing well for several months in a row now, and a recent report has the vehicle at the top of its list.

In January 2021, according to EV Sales, the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV outsold the Tesla Model 3 in China with 36,762 registered units – also making the compact vehicle the top-selling EV worldwide for the first time ever.

The Tesla Model 3 sold a total of 21,589 units throughout the world in January, after being proclaimed the world’s top-selling car for much of last year.

Immediately following the top two units were the Tesla Model Y, the BYD Han EV, and the GW ORA Black Cat, which in January sold and registered 9,597 units, 9,298 units, and 6,092 units, respectively.

While the Wuling Mini EV retails starting at just 27,155 yuan ($4,200 USD) in China, the Tesla Model 3 costs 249,900 yuan ($36,800 USD), and the Model Y costs 488,000 yuan ($74,600 USD). Realistically, there’s no surprise why the Mini EV has had such high sales with a price tag so low.

The Mini EV is the creation of an SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture, with SAIC taking 50.1% of the venture’s shares, with GM taking 34% and Wuling Group just 15.9%.

In any case, Tesla’s models will probably continue to sell well globally throughout 2021, but if they (or even Wuling) can mass-produce a compact vehicle – dare we say “Model 2” – to be affordably and globally distributed in the next few years, we’ll likely see that EV’s sales top global charts, too.

For now, the Wuling has our attention around the world, and hopefully, someday those outside China can enjoy a similar affordable compact EV.


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