Michelin Pilot Sport EV Tires Announced for Electric Vehicles

Image: Michelin

Founded over a century ago in 1889, veteran tire maker Michelin has seen itself through multiple revolutions in vehicle technology and changes in tire standards. With its newest product, Michelin hopes to capture the market for electric vehicle (EV) tires.

Michelin has launched its first tire engineered specifically to cater to the handling and range requirements of all-electric, high-performance cars, as well as their need for sustainability and carbon neutrality.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire will be available starting April 1 in Europe and North America. The tires are already available in China.

A founding member of the Formula E Motorsport championship that only uses all-electric vehicles, Michelin has for long been manufacturing the Michelin Formula E tire — a tire designed specifically for the high-performance electric one-seaters contending in the races.

The Pilot Sport EV tire utilizes all of the design and performance experience Michelin has gained from over six years catering to Formula E vehicles, and neatly packages it up into a consumer product that is eco-responsible and CO2-neutral at the point of sale.

Features of the Pilot Sport EV tire for electric sports cars include:

  • Optimal grip on dry and wet roads – irrespective of the tire’s level of wear – taking into account the higher weight and weight-distribution characteristics associated with electric sports cars.
  • Outstanding resistance to wear in response to the high torque and acceleration forces of electric sports cars.
  • Low rolling resistance to extend range by up to 37 miles.
  • 20% less perceptible road noise thanks to MICHELIN Acoustic technology which takes the form of a custom-developed polyurethane foam that reduces cabin noise.

No MSRP was provided for now, but stay tuned as prices should be revealed closer to the launch date.