Tesla Profiles Moving Online to the Cloud, Hints Software Code



Future Tesla updates may include a user profile cloud storage option which allows your profile to migrate with you between Tesla’s cars. Photo and Script Discovery: @greentheonly on Twitter

A number of discoveries have been made within Tesla’s internal software, including our favorite animal animation, “Quadrupeddie,” with the most recent discovery having wide-reaching implications.

On Monday, Tesla hacker @greentheonly discovered and shared new information from an internal Tesla software script, which claims that Tesla user profiles may someday be uploaded to the cloud, which would allow them to migrate with you when you sit in a different Tesla. Green predicts this will be possible via the Tesla phone app, although it’s “currently inactive,” according to their first tweet.

When asked by another user to “explain to me like I’m 5,” Green responded with a more simplified explanation of the script about cloud-based profiles, and they included the fact that “this includes games and other app settings.”

Whenever the script does go live, it’ll be particularly exciting for the few households with multiple Teslas, whose kids can likely keep their Witcher saves between both parents’ vehicles, along with even greater implications, like driver preferences and more.

In any case, we look forward to such a comfortable, automated Tesla future – and maybe even one where you can toss a coin to your Witcher from your Robotaxi downtown.


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