Leaked Video Shows Tesla Model S Refresh Rear Display in Backseat, Interior View



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A newly leaked video making its rounds on the web shows off a Tesla Model S refresh, in ‘Factory Mode’.

The video, seen below, shows the interior of the Model S refresh, including the best look at the backseat and the new third display. We also get a look at the steering wheel (no yoke here) and its ‘buttons’ on the steering wheel. The video is below reposted by @icsichris:

Looking at the backseat briefly in the video, it does look like a tight fit?

The video was originally shared on Reddit, but was deleted. User u/LurkeOnly said, “This was shared in my friend’s group chat (WhatsApp) & they didn’t say anything about not sharing. Also, I do not know who took the video. The reason I end up with this video is because one of my buddies knows I just ordered a Model Y.”

This Model S test vehicle is showing the same cream-colored seats seen in a previous car spotted in the wild.

Well, looks like the cat is out of the bag.

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