Tesla Model 3 with Heated Steering Wheel Gets Delivered in California



Model 3 heated steering wheel 2

When Tesla launched its Model Y compact SUV in China on New Year’s day, the company also debuted a heated steering wheel for the Model 3. Many expected this heated steering wheel to trickle down to Model 3 builds in the United States, and now we’re seeing confirmation of that.

According to TMC Forums user ‘808BOB’ (via @tesla_adri), the new Tesla owner had a Model 3 delivery with a heated steering wheel.

Model 3 heated steering wheel

“Hi all, just had my [Model 3] delivered on Thursday…love the car!”, said ‘808BOB’. “But, just wanted to confirm that my [Model 3] has a heated steering wheel. I’ve been wondering if/when the car would get it,” added the new owner.

The new Model 3 owners says the heated steering wheel “gets pretty warm” in 3 out of 9 locations on the steering wheel, saying you cannot adjust the heat.

According to the ‘808BOB’, this was a Model 3 delivered in California’s Bay Area, with VIN 902XXX.

Back in October, Tesla hacker @greentheonly discovered code references to a heated steering wheel for Model 3, expected to be unleashed via a software update.

As more Model 3 deliveries come out of Tesla’s Fremont factory in California, expect more owners to further confirm a heated steering wheel in the compact sedan.


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