Tesla 2021.4.1 Software Update Released

Tesla has released its 2021.4.1 software update, detected on a Model 3 according to the Nikola App fleet.

This update looks to build upon the 2021.4 software update detected back in late January, found on a Model X, also running as part of the Nikola App fleet.

Yesterday, Tesla released software update 2020.48.37, while earlier today, 2020.48.35.8 was detected as well. Out of all these software updates, no major features appear to have been released, aside from bug fixes.

According to @Teslascope, Tesla is keeping its V11 release under wraps to stop leaks of upcoming features. The upcoming Model S and Model X refresh are said to run V11 software to power the back display for passengers.

If anything major materializes out of 2021.4.1 software update from Tesla, we’ll update this post accordingly.