Tesla Won’t Allow FSD Transfers Says Elon Musk; FSD Subscriptions Launch in 1-2 Months



One burning question Tesla owners have had for the longest time is whether their Autopilot add-on of Full Self-Driving, would be transferrable to their vehicle purchase from the company.

According to this exact question posed during today’s Q4 2020 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk answered it to say it’s not coming anytime soon.

The Tesla CEO said, “unfortunately we’re not considering that at this time.” Musk said Tesla offers a higher trade-in value for cars with FSD.

He added “the consumer market and stock market undervalues how good FSD will be,” followed by “we are not offering transfers. We will be offering subscriptions in the next month or two.” This means FSD subscriptions will be launching as early as February or March.

This policy means those Tesla owners that paid for Full Self-Driving upgrades from years back and want to buy a new Tesla. Their FSD upgrade will not be transferable to their new vehicle, so that means plunking down $10,000 USD, the current price of FSD.

It’s disappointing, but looks like Tesla is counting on FSD subscriptions to take over and increase services revenue.

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