Tesla ‘Superhuman’ Self-Driving Coming, Standard Autopilot to Benefit Too Says Elon Musk



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On early Monday morning, Tesla CEO said the company will be able to have ‘superhuman’ self-driving, when the company moves its neural nets to 8-camera surround video.

Replying to a Full Self-Driving video from @WholeMarsBlog touting the learning advantages of Autopilot, Musk added, “Tesla is steadily moving all NNs to 8 camera surround video. This will enable superhuman self-driving.”

When asked by Viv (@flcnhvy), “Will standard Autopilot run on 8-camera surround video as well, ie same NN as FSD, just with limited functionality/disabled features?”, Musk replied, “Yes, although it will be crazy not to turn on FSD.” This means those without a Full Self-Driving add-on will still benefit from this upgrade on regular Autopilot.

The Tesla CEO also clarified, “the entire “stack” from data collection through labeling & inference has to be in surround video. This is a hard problem. Critically, however, this does not require a hardware change to cars in field.”

Tesla’s current FSD beta is only available in the United States, but expansion to Canada is expected soon. Musk also recently clarified a new numbering and naming scheme is coming for FSD beta. Despite the most recently FSD beta release showing as 10.8, Musk says the current build is actually considered “8.1”.

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