Tesla 2020 Q4 Registrations Surged 63% in California



Between Tesla’s stock over the last year, its expansion across the world, and its delivery of a full lineup of electric vehicles (EVs), it’s no secret that Tesla is quickly gaining momentum.

Tesla’s registrations in Q4 2020 saw a 63% increase in California, according to data from Cross-Sell (via Reuters). Largely responsible for the increase is the success of the company’s Model Y compact crossover, which sold more than the Model 3 in the quarter.

The report, released Wednesday, showed 11,417 Tesla Model Y units had been registered in the fourth quarter, with just 7,044 Model 3 units registered.

Tesla’s registrations also recovered from a third quarter low of just 16,200 units, increasing to 22,117 units total in the fourth quarter. California is also Tesla’s largest market in the US, and it’s also where the company was originally based, so it’s definitely a market that matters to them.

On a more national scale, consumers registered a total of 44,749 Tesla units in the 23 states where data was gathered, and the Model Y made up for just under half of these registrations. It’s important to note that registration numbers will vary from sales numbers, since registration can take up to 30 days following a vehicle’s delivery. But what we can see is the new Model Y leading the surge in new registrations.

Tesla’s fourth quarter earnings call is set for January 27, at which the company will officially reveal its full fourth quarter and 2020 fiscal results.


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