Israeli Firm Creates World’s First 5-Minute Charge EV Battery



Carrying the 5-minute-charging battery which could someday revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) world. Photo: StoreDot

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a good grip on the world’s markets right now, drastically changing a wide range of sectors from supply chain technology and automotives, to power storage solutions, autonomous driving, and more.

In a bold new push against the barrier of EV charging, Israeli firm StoreDot announced Tuesday that it has developed a battery that can charge fully in just five minutes, as reported by the Times of Israel.

The invention will take a while to become plausible for the EV market, as it would require significantly-higher powered chargers than what’s currently available, though we could easily see them start popping up within the decade.

Still, the change would take an immense amount of effort to change, and StoreDot’s current tests have only charged phones, drones, electric scooters, and in the landmark case presented, a two-wheeled EV.

Despite this, the feat is promising and the company has already raised $130 million in investments from BP, Samsung, Daimler AG, and TDK, among others.

Many countries still don’t have a robust enough EV charging network to support a major transition to zero-emissions vehicles (sorry Ireland), let alone supporting a fast-charging solution that’s brand new.

However, with a few more years of research and EV adoption, and we just might see a 5-minute EV charger hit the public market.


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