GM to Expand Corvette Line to Include Electric Crossover: Report

Even after General Motors’ (GM’s) recent announcement of a new electric delivery van, the company still isn’t done offering new products to the market this year.

GM may be looking to produce a new electric vehicle (EV) crossover SUV based on the Corvette, according to Bloomberg Quint.

The company has discussed a number of different electric Corvette varieties in the past, but according to sources familiar with the matter, the first will likely be a combination of the classic sports car and an SUV, and will eventually evolve into a line of electric Corvettes.

A crossover SUV based on the Corvette would likely try to take aim at Tesla’s Model Y SUV.

While it likely won’t be the one confusingly pictured with Joe Biden last year, GM already has a number of designers producing EV Corvette concept vehicles. The company hopes it can appeal to a wider range of buyers with the new Corvette designs, and is already referring to the project internally as Project R and Brand B.

Ford’s recent launch of the Mustang Mach-E has classic car buyers chomping at the bit for EV versions of other classic cars. It’s also been controversial to enthusiasts of the classic internal combustion engine (ICE) sports car, who have commented that the Mustang or Corvette should not be touched by the EV market.

Still, EVs are the future whether ICE enthusiasts like it or not, so GM would probably be wise to add any electric Corvettes to their lineup while they still have the chance.