Tesla Model Y Hits Showrooms in China and They’re Jam Packed [VIDEOS]

After launching Model Y sales in China yesterday, Tesla showrooms with the new electric SUV were showing heavy foot traffic, based on videos shared on social media.

According to Tesmanian, numerous Tesla stores in China with Model Y on display show what looks like intense consumer interest in the new electric vehicle, produced at Gigafactory Shanghai and aggressively-priced compared to local competitors.

Check out the videos below—the buzzing crowds resemble a Black Friday sale or even an Apple iPhone launch, as the stores appear to be very busy:

A separate report from Tesmanian also noted Model Y sales allegedly hit over 100,000 in the first 10 hours, straining Tesla’s website.

On Saturday, Tesla announced record production and delivery figures for Q4. The company hit a milestone of 500,000 vehicles produced for 2020 and delivered just under that same number, with more final figures to come.