How to Suggest a New Tesla Supercharger Site or Location

Tesla supercharger partner

Tesla’s Supercharger network is growing at a steady pace, but there are still gaps to fill in coverage in the United States and beyond.

Recently, there was a plea from Tesla owners for a Supercharger to pop up in the western North Carolina and northern Georgia area, for travellers to make it through the mountains in the winter.

Supercharger gap

Tesla owners on Reddit suggested new Supercharger locations in Franklin, Bryson City, Robbinsville and Cherokee, North Carolina, along with the base of Pigeon Forge.

Other owners chimed in to say locations in Canada, such as Vancouver Island in British Columbia, could also use more Superchargers as well.

If you’re wondering how to suggest a new Tesla Supercharger site, you can make a request here on Tesla’s website.

“Please submit information about your recommended charging site below and the Tesla Charging Team will review,” explains the company.

Back in November, Tesla hit 20,000 Superchargers worldwide and counting. Tesla also plans to build V3 Superchargers in China, at Giga Shanghai. These Superchargers produced in China most likely will support the local market but could also be available for export to other markets.

Nonetheless, Tesla’s Supercharger network has a big lead over traditional automakers, but it still needs to address gaps in coverage to meet the ongoing demand for fast charging.