Tesla 2020.48.12.15 Full Self-Driving Beta Test Loop [VIDEO]

Image: James Locke on YouTube

With update 2020.48.12.15 out now for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, veteran beta tester James Locke was quick to update his Model 3 to the latest firmware and take it out for a spin, documenting his first ride in a recent YouTube video.

YouTube video

Locke drove the car through the first of two predetermined test loops in Santa Clarita, CA, that runs from David March Park, through Haskell Canyon Road, Bouquet Canyon Road, and Plum Canyon Road, before ending up back at David March Park. FSD beta was enabled throughout the journey.

Tesla’s FSD simply keeps getting better and better with each update, and version 2020.48.12.15 is no different.

Locke noticed his Model 3 being more confident with turns on version 2020.48.12.15, and also noted that the update handles stop signs significantly better than previous iterations.

James’ Model 3 also remembered to indicate before changing lanes to a turn lane more often, this update around.

The issue of FSD beta missing speed bumps when they’re on elevated ground and/or at an angle (on a hill, for example) still remains a work in progress, as we see at around the 4-minute mark in the video.

Apart from that, a bizarre lane change when a construction sign was blocking access to a turn lane, and some overcautious braking for a crossing pedestrian (which is actually what you’d want considering how much scrutiny FSD is under) however, there really wasn’t much for Locke to criticize about the update.