Best Electric Cars: Top Rated EV is the Tesla Model 3 Says Edmunds



As far as electric vehicles (EVs) go, there aren’t many options to choose from compared to the rest of the automobile industry. Still, the Tesla Model 3 is arguably the one that most consumers know off the top of their heads, and it’s definitely the top-selling EV worldwide.

Wednesday, Edmunds released its picks for 2020’s top vehicles, and the Tesla Model 3 was named the top-rated EV, perhaps unsurprisingly. The release details its reasoning for the pick as having strong driving elements, forward-thinking design, over-the-air software updates, range, and access to Tesla’s Supercharger network.

“More EVs have come out for 2021, yet no other manufacturer to date has been able to match the all-around excellence of the Tesla Model 3,” announced Edmunds. “Our winner from 2020, the Model 3 once again wears the crown as Edmunds Top Rated EV.”

Tesla’s charging, among a number of other things, has certainly come a long way. With even more to look forward to in the 2021 iteration of the luxury sedan, Tesla is just getting started.

The release goes on to acknowledge that the next several years will introduce consumers to a number of new EV models – presenting more competition for Tesla from larger automakers, including Volkswagen. Still, no other car company has an entire lineup of EVs on the road like Tesla does, and that’s still a few years off for any other car company.


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