FSD Beta 7: 2020.48.10.1 First Drive Impressions [VIDEO]

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Tesla released its 2020.48.10.1 software update today for Full Self-Driving beta testers.

One of the first impression videos with 2020.48.10.1 FSD beta 7 has been shared by Chuck Cook. Check it out below:

YouTube video

Cook says while the release notes are the same, driving impressions show ‘creep’ for unregulated left turns appears to be slightly better, but overall another solid update.

It’s nice to see Cook keep testing FSD beta on the same roads and intersections to see improvements over time.

“I’m very impressed so far,” says Cook of the update, which was still able to cautiously approach speed bumps and slow down before proceeding.

However, FSD beta still is in its early stages, as during some tricky intersections and stop signs, Cook did have to take over, as he should, in any potentially dangerous situations. But Cook believes “it’s obvious” Tesla is doing a good job of improving on left turns, based on feedback from beta testers.

FSD beta is expected to expand outside of the United States for the first time soon, with CEO Elon Musk previously sharing he was hopeful Canada might get the beta in December.