Tesla Model 3 Tops Global EV Sales in October



The Tesla Model 3 is currently the world’s top-selling electric vehicle (EV), though with more EVs on the market in general than in years before, other brands are starting to climb their way up Tesla’s ladder.

Tesla’s Model 3 sold 22,755 units globally in October, with a total of 260,927 sold in the entire year so far, as reported by EV Sales Blogspot. The sales make up a total of 12% of the total auto market share, an astounding number of vehicles sold over the entire market.

Other close runner-ups for most EVs sold in October 2020 were the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV with 20,631 units sold, Tesla’s Model Y with 10,602 units sold, and the Volkswagen ID.3 with 10,584 units sold. While the former of the two both landed on the year’s most-sold list, the newly-released Wuling Mini in third with 52,672 units sold, and the Model Y in fourth with 52,294 units sold, the ID.3 didn’t quite make it onto the top 20 brands sold worldwide this year. In second, however, we find the Renault Zoe, with 74,124 units sold in 2020 thus far.

With Tesla’s recently-refreshed Model 3 now in production, new Model 3 customers all over the world are set to receive the 2021 model with refreshed features. In all of this, it’s exciting to see EV sales continue in an upward direction, with the overall market share this year made up of 57% plugin EVs and battery EVs combined.


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