China Gives Tesla Approval to Sell Shanghai-Made Model Y

Tesla can now officially sell its Model Y SUV made in Shanghai, as the Chinese government has given approval to the American automaker to proceed, reports Reuters.

Tesla applied for approval to sell Shanghai-made Model Y vehicles earlier in November and on Monday, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the approval on its website.

You can see a screenshot of the approval shared by Tesmanian, which reports the approval also enables a tax exemption for local buyers of the Model Y as well. Tesmanian earlier shared Tesla had applied to the MIIT for approval earlier this month, which suggested Tesla Model Y production was imminent.

The Tesla Model Y in China will have model number TSL6480BEVBA0, reads the approval:

Tesla model y permit china

Gigafactory Shanghai started delivering Model 3 units last December, with the factory capable of 250,000 annual output. The Model Y plant is nearly complete at the Shanghai Gigafactory and numerous sightings of the SUV being road-tested hinted an approval would be coming.

Tesla also will start making Tesla Superchargers in China starting in 2021, as announced last week.