Tesla Raises Price on European Model S, Model 3, Model X



Just a short month ago, Tesla fans were raving about across-the-board price drops for Tesla’s cars. Now, we’re seeing quite the opposite, though the spiked price may come with some new features to look forward to.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Tesla had raised prices substantially on its Model X and Model S units for European customers, as reported by electrek.

While price increases aren’t exactly to be celebrated, many analysts are speculating that the reason behind the price change is a refreshed line soon-to-come, which would, in the end, be worth the extra money.

In Germany, for example, the Model S now starts at about €82,000 ($98,000 USD), which is $30,000 (USD) more than it would be to buy the vehicle in the US. While the Model X saw a similar markup, the Model 3 only increased between €500 to €1,000 ($595.45 to $1,190.90 USD), depending on one’s country of origin. Italy and Denmark, for example saw a $500 EUR Model 3 increase, while Germany saw a $1,000 EUR increase.

Some reports have noticed in-stock Model 3 vehicles in Europe have seen a $1,000 EUR price decrease. Yes, all these price changes are confusing.

While rumors of refreshed 2021 Model X and Model S lines surfaced earlier in the year, this shift in price could be the catalyst that makes the change become real. In any case, we’ll likely have a better idea of whether or not that’s true by the end of this year.

Euro delivery dates for Model S and Model X are showing March 2021, so something looks to be definitely brewing.

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