Tesla Model 3/Y Rugged Textile Trunk Mat Hits Online Shop



Tesla model 3 y rugged mat

Last week the Tesla online shop launched new Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mats for Model 3 and Model Y. Also available now are Rugged Textile Rear Trunk mats for Model 3 and Model Y as well at $80 USD.

“Constructed with recycled content, the Model Y Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat offers a premium alternative for keeping your cargo area clean. With an exclusive waterproof textured fabric designed to trap dirt, this lightweight mat is a simple way to upgrade your car’s interior while maintaining durable protection. Developed by Tesla Design Studio,” explains Tesla.

Tesla rugged mats model y 2

These Rugged Textile mats are “100% recyclable” says Tesla.

  • Model 3 Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat – $80 USD
  • Model Y Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat – $80 USD

These mats look decent but they don’t offer upper side protection, like rear trunk mats from Tesmanian. Use coupon TESLANORTH10 to save 10% off your purchase.


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