Tesla Launches Model 3, Model Y Rugged Textile Floor Mats, 100% Recyclable



Tesla rugged mats model y

Tesla has launched new floor mats for Model 3 and Model Y, called ‘Rugged Textile Interior Mats’ (via Reddit), priced at $125 USD respectively.

“Constructed with recycled content, the Model Y Rugged Textile Interior Mats offer a premium alternative for keeping your Tesla’s floors clean. With an exclusive waterproof textured fabric designed to trap dirt, these lightweight mats are a simple way to upgrade your car’s interior while maintaining durable protection. Developed by Tesla Design Studio,” explains the Tesla website.

Tesla also points out these new interior floor mats are 100% recyclable.

Tesla model y rugged mats 2

You get two front mats and one longer mat for the rear seats, but if you’ve seen third party floor mats with better protection, these ones from Tesla look pale in comparison.

Mats from Tesmanian (use coupon code TESLANORTH10 to save 10% off) or Tesloid (coupon TN10 saves 10% off) offer coverage that extends up the sides, which is super important to keep dirt and water from reaching the carpet area of your Model 3 or Model Y.

There’s not even protection for the dead pedal in these mats, which is a blatant miscue. For anyone that lives in wet or snowy climates (and not just in California), these mats from Tesla will not do the job.


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