McDonald’s to Install 200 EV Chargers Across Italy



Many companies and countries around the world are working hard during this time, in attempts to expand the charging network for all-electric transportation.

Now, McDonald’s Italia plans to partner with clean energy company Enel X to install 200 electric vehicle (EV) chargers throughout 100 of its locations in Italy, as reported by Environmental Leader.

Enel X offers charging stations for businesses and EV owners, and will offer up its JuicePole and JuicePump stations, which charge EVs up to 22 kW in AC and 50 kW in DC, respectively. With JuicePump stations, EV owners will reportedly only need 30 minutes to charge their cars.

Despite McDonalds’ traditionally-negative role in relation to climate change efforts, this marks a big push in the direction of sustainability for the global corporation. Along with that, their influence as a corporation is a vast, so any efforts like these have the potential to greatly benefit the company’s customers and non-customers alike.

The first few of many McDonald’s Enel X charging stations are set to roll out soon in Desio, Eboli, Loreto, San Benedetto del Tronto, Ancona, and Osimo. Further down the line, the companies plan to install more in Piombino, Berberino di Mugello, Alessandria, Quartu Sant-Elena, and Florence.

As the world marches onward towards sustainable transportation, it will take a number of companies like McDonald’s stepping up and figuring out what positive role they can play in the protection of our planet.

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