Hyundai Reveals Electric, Plug-In, Hybrid Vehicle Lines for 2022

Hyundai, like many other companies right now, is vigorously looking to make a shift to electric vehicles (EVs), and other low-emission transportation options.

In a new announcement last week, Hyundai shared its expansion of its “eco-focused” line-up of 2022 models, which includes a total of 10 vehicles with four Hybrids, two Plug-in Hybrids, one Fuel Cell EV, and three Battery EVs, two of which have yet to be unveiled.

While the Hyundai line-up feels a bit like the company is playing catch-up with Tesla and the general EV craze right now, it’s also refreshing to see the shift, though hopefully, a line primarily made up of hybrids can catch back up.

Still, the company’s goals are in the right place, and its executives have also signaled that the shift is timely.

Olabisi Boyle, Hyundai North America’s vice president of Product Planning and Mobile Strategy, said, “We’re not only developing the vehicles our customers need now, we’re also envisioning smart mobility solutions for pressing environmental and transportation needs of the future.” Boyle continued, “Ultimately, this full spectrum of new technologies will promote a planet-friendly, zero-emission ecosystem as part of our ‘Progress for Humanity’ global vision.”

While the need for a major transition to sustainable vehicles is certainly in order, it does not come without risks and challenges. After recent news of European Hyundai Kona recalls over fire risks, it’s unclear how quickly the company will be able to transition to a sustainable future – but we can certainly applaud it’s shifting directions as the right move.

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